VMA in Karlskoga, Örebro County •

VMA in Karlskoga, Örebro County •

In a crisis, you need to know how long the water, food and medicine must last. And there is a plan to give you reports. But that plan rests entirely on you having what it takes.

Both cyber attacks and natural disasters can knock out the electricity grid and with it our most common means of communication. And when the digital is knocked out, it can be good with a plan B.

Storm Gudrun and the forest fires

In January 2005, the storm Gudrun cut hundreds of thousands of households without electricity and for many, this meant that television and the internet were cut off for 1.5 months. Local P4 stations were crucial in reaching out with information on help to those in need.

SR and the emergency preparedness assignment

In a military attack such as in Ukraine, the television and radio towers have been targets and broadcasts have been affected and in some cases sometimes silenced. So how will Sveriges Radio then carry out its assigned contingency assignment to broadcast information in crisis and war? Björn Löfdahl, program director answers.


Anna Teljfors, risk and crisis communicator MSB

Björn Löfdahl, program director of Swedish Radio

Preparedness with P4 Extras Erik Blix

Preparedness is a podcast with Erik Blix about preparing for a crisis. In the event of natural disasters, major power outages and, in the worst case, a war, there are things you need to know to cope with everyday life.

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