Denmark wakes up to Triffid’s Day… yes, Easter started early again, but it certainly does not snow

Denmark wakes up to Triffid's Day… yes, Easter started early again, but it certainly does not snow

Let’s face it: everyone is up for grabs in Denmark when it comes to holidays. Copenhagen has died like a doorstep this morning, because the vast majority have taken time off since Monday, the start of the Easter school holiday, which ends next Monday.

They are running because the three days have mostly not come from their annual five-week allotment, which is more commonly spent on three weeks in July (plus three more working at home in the cottage) and two more for the fall and winter holidays.

So all the extra days that are taken over Christmas, New Year, the Friday after Ascension Day Thursday, where Denmark won a big football match… let’s just say that someone turns a blind eye and approves it galore.

The result is that Copenhagen (and other major Danish cities) is a ghost town for ten weeks every year.

Pleasant weather is expected
It can therefore be a shame to learn that the Danish capital will bask in much improved weather from today.

April started with heavy rain, hailstorms, scary gusts of wind and even a little snow – the winter’s last “cold intermezzo”, according to national forecast champion DMI – but now we can finally start believing that spring is here. (Which usually means more allergies.)

“There is significantly warmer air on the way to us, so it will go up to 12 degrees. On Wednesday, new heat is coming towards us with temperatures between 15 and 17 degrees, and it could end up being the hottest day of the year so far, ”DMI expert Anders Brandt promised DR.

Thursday will be as sad as ‘Maundy’ sounds, but more pleasant weather (temperature 10-14 degrees) is expected on Friday and Saturday – the best day for Easter egg hunting, DMI advises, but skip the beach, where the average temperature per. bathing is 5 degrees, and do not forget sunscreen if you are out – while Sunday and Monday do not disappoint either.

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