Putin’s propaganda and lies about the war

Putin's propaganda and lies about the war

The reality in Butja

Lubna El-Shanti has just returned from Kyiv and the suburbs of Butja and Irpin. Maria Persson Löfgren tells about Odessa where she has been. They tell about the people they met, about how they live, and about what they have been through.

Propaganda in Russia

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a surreal version of reality is being pumped out that completely denies responsibility for war crimes and violence against civilians in places like Butja. Johanna Melén talks about the strange demonstration at the space base in the Amur province where Putin and Belarus’ dictator Alexander Lukashenko discussed cooperation in space.

Host: Jesper Lindau

Maria Persson Löfgren, Russia correspondent

Lubna El-Shanti, Ekot’s envoy to Ukraine

Johanna Melén, Russia correspondent

Producer: Lena Bejerot

Technician: Jakob Gustavsson


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