Taste buds: Find the best KFC (Copenhagen Fried Chicken)

Taste buds: Find the best KFC (Copenhagen Fried Chicken)

It’s Easter, so chicken seemed like an appropriate choice. It is not the case that Denmark is a nation of rabbit kettles…

When it comes to fried chicken, there is really a shortage. Tired of KFC, a couple of expats and I have been looking for a better opportunity in Copenhagen! There must be something better here that is not wet and sad!

I asked my friend to come with me and eat fried chicken in town so you don’t have to spend up on your calorie quota for the week.

This exercise gets calories on
Luckily, I love teaching Zumba Fitness, so the extra hours were a win-win situation!

But if you are not convinced by my selection, let me know where your favorite is located?

Comment or take us on Instagram at OMG! It’s still Wednesday! Meanwhile, I have to lie down with a stomach full of fried chicken.

Doubtful buns

Poulette, Møllegade 1, Cph N

They do not fry chicken pieces, so we had their chicken sandwich and a side of chicken nuggets from their little menu. The top chicken thigh was tender meat with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, homemade dressing and pickles (which were amazing!). Personally, though, I think the use of brioche buns was unnecessary as it kind of drowns out the taste.

DOM: It’s a very juicy burger, but not my favorite kind of coating. (3 stars)

Go to Hilli-wing town!

Crisp, Fælledvej 9, Cph N

Crisp makes mostly burgers, but you have to try the wings. They are fried with a lightly coated dough and you can choose from three finger-licking flavors: Korean, lemon pepper and BBQ. Although they are not the biggest wings in the world, they made a creative turn on the dressing. However, the ‘Korean’ is more Vietnamese, as it is with soy / fish sauce, coriander and chili.

DOM: I would go back just to snack on the wings. (4 stars)

Derivations between celery

AFC (Amass Fried Chicken) near Reffen, Refshalevej 167, Cph K

We had heard so much fuss about this place and we were not disappointed but… The chicken itself is definitely the best quality compared to all the others but there is an acquired taste with celery so it is not for everyone. We also tried the fried oyster mushrooms, but the overwhelming dressing on top just took over completely so I couldn’t taste the mushrooms at all. The price for a basket with four may sound reasonable at 135 kroner, but the pieces are actually quite small.

DOM: Perfectly fried crispy organic chicken, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of celery (3 stars)

Satisfied chicken cravings

Tasty Grill, Amagerbrogade 43, Cph S

Right from the look of the exterior, this seemed like a regular kebab joint. In fact, you would not even know they have fried chicken. But when you look closer, you notice the fried chicken in their window. Freshly baked, they do not make as many pieces at once as they want to keep them fresh. And the prices are fantastic: 10 hot wings / four pieces of chicken for 49 kroner

DOM: I would choose Tasty Grill over KFC at any time. Very crispy, not greasy, tender and juicy inside. (4 stars)

Definitely winning wings

DL Fried Chicken, Frederiksberg Allé 41

Last but not least, when DL Fried Chicken was my favorite. Bang next to Frederiksberg Allé Metro Station, you can smell the fried chicken when you get off the subway. The wings, served with three levels of heat using a specially spiced powder, are addictive! Choose between ‘Enjoy the Meal’, ‘Feel the Burn’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’.

DOM: The crispiest coating – not too thin, not too thick – and it covers the entire wing, from the drums to the tips. Luckily it’s not that close to where I live. (5 stars)

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