YLE: The war in Ukraine has caused Finns to open the cords of their wallets

YLE: The war in Ukraine has caused Finns to open the cords of their wallets

The Church’s Foreign Aid has raised 6.5 million euros for Ukraine and 5.8 million euros for Save the Children Finland.

UN Women Finland, for its part, has raised the all-time high of EUR 455,000. Maija SalomaaCoordinator of UN Women Finland.

Anna from LaurinsThe SPR’s director of fundraising estimates that the explosion of charitable donations could be due, on the one hand, to the shock many experienced at the start of the war and, on the other hand, to the ease of the donation.

“The war suddenly came so close to us,” he told the broadcaster.

Unicef ​​Finland has also raised an exceptional amount of money for Ukraine, he revealed Terhi BruunUnicef ​​Finland’s communications expert.

“It’s many times more than we’ve raised during other crises,” he said.

All humanitarian organizations considered monetary donations to be the best and most effective way to help victims of war. Donations will provide food, water, medicine, shelter and hygiene and hospital products, as well as psychosocial assistance and services to support the learning of Ukrainian children.

“Money can be used to buy and send goods and aid workers from Finland. We are able to act quickly because the system is very well organized and the aid is effective, Laurinsilta said.

The organizations also recalled that the need for donations will remain high for some time to come.

“We’re not talking about sprinting. Helping Ukraine is a long process – at least a marathon, if not an ultra trip. It will take several years for Ukraine to get back on its feet,” Laurinsilta explained.

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