Finnish unions end the nurses’ strike and start planning a mass separation

Finnish unions end the nurses' strike and start planning a mass separation

Super and Tehy announced Tuesday that they have decided to suspend the second, broader phase of the strike as the Minister of Family and Social Affairs seeks to restrict the right to strike. Who is Linden (SDP).

Linden on Tuesday declared YLE A-studio says it intends to take forward a new law on patient safety, a controversial proposal that would oblige nurses to perform certain tasks in conditions where patients ’health and lives are at risk if unions continue their strike on Wednesday. .

– The strike has been lifted, but if it continued, I would of course have made a proposal [to the government] especially because of the situation tomorrow morning, ”he said, reiterating that it is his formal duty to take the proposal forward if the strike interferes with vital patient care.

He added that the government has no choice but to react if the nurses really start to resign.

Super and Tehy have called the Patient Safety Act a mandatory job.

“The Compulsory Labor Act has been drafted in co-operation with the other party to the labor dispute – partly on the basis of incorrect information. As a result, the employer is no longer under pressure to find a solution, claimed Millaikka RytkönenDone by Chairman.

“The government may be trying in vain to plunder and escape its responsibilities – it’s stuck so deep in the job market.”

The union’s boards will meet in the coming days to discuss new measures in the nurses’ employment dispute. They have already announced a ban on overtime and shift work in the entire municipal sector, which will take effect today at 6 p.m.

Rytkönen declined to comment on the details of the mass redundancies planned for Helsingin Sanomat on Tuesday, their scope and schedule. “Of course we won’t reveal it,” he said answered.

Central Finland Hospital District, Oulu University Hospital and Tampere University Hospital on Tuesday reported that the strike by 25,000 nurses has also paralyzed emergency care services. Oulu University Hospital revealed that the number of nurses on call on weekdays has fallen from 1,400 to 1,500 to less than 100.

Social and Health Surveillance Authority (Valvira) warned the second phase of the strike would have seriously jeopardized patient safety, as the number of staff performing key tasks would be so small that patient deaths and injuries would be inevitable.

Markus HenrikssonValvira’s CEO, told me According to Helsingin Sanomat, the decision to suspend the strike was a relief, albeit only in the “very short term”.

“Over several days or weeks, the situation is still very serious,” he said, referring to possible large differences between nurses. “It sounds very alarming.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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