Healthcare knew about Manfred’s suicide plan – his mother found him dead

Healthcare knew about Manfred's suicide plan - his mother found him dead

– It was not right what was done with him. It feels like we did not really get the chance to save him because we did not understand the seriousness of this, she says.

Eva thought that the care of Manfred had broken down in several ways, but the child and adolescent psychiatry saw no fault in the care and decided not to report the case to the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate.

When Eva reported the care Manfred received, BUP received criticism on several points from Ivo.

Ekot’s review shows that child and adolescent psychiatry in the country in the past five years has discovered care deficiencies and Lex Maria reported this to the Inspectorate for Health and Care in connection with 22 suicides.

In another five cases, where the care itself has judged that they have not made a mistake, Ivo finds deficiencies in the care after the guardian has reported.

Ekot has been in contact with relatives in these five cases and they feel that the care did not seem to want to learn anything from what happened. One of them is Manfred’s mother Eva.

BUP in the Uppsala region states that they are constantly trying to learn and improve care. Following Manfred’s suicide, they have carried out several training initiatives for staff on risk assessment and suicide in children and young people.

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