Minister Lindén: Patient safety law on hold due to strike

Minister Lindén: Patient safety law on hold due to strike

According to the Minister of Family and Social Affairs, the controversial new law will not progress in Parliament, at least for the time being Who is Linden (SDP) because the planned strike by health workers has been postponed.

"When there is no strike, there is no need for a law" Lindén said in an interview on Yle TV1’s A-studio’s current affairs program on Tuesday night. "Now a new situation has arisen."

His comments come after health care unions Tehy and SuPer announced they have canceled the nurses ’strike, which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

The groups said the decision was made in response to the threat of enacting the Patient Safety Act, which could have effectively forced striking nurses back to work on the basis of ensuring patient safety.

Both unions claim the law violates their right to strike and added that they are preparing for it "mass differences" as well as other measures as they increase their demands for better wages and working conditions in the healthcare sector.

Asked at A-Studio about possible mass differences, Lindén said the government could take further action if such a measure materializes.

"What form it is, what the law will be like, it will certainly be a different way of reacting than before," he said.

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