Russia’s revenge against the Swedish researchers

Russia's revenge against the Swedish researchers

The poisoning of the well-known opposition politician Alexei Navalny in the autumn of 2020 has similarities to what is happening today in Ukraine. It seems to be about revenge. Perhaps this story can also teach us something about what the Russian response to EU sanctions will look like in the future.

Participants: Åsa Scotthead of department at the Swedish Defense Research Institute in Umeå, Johanna MelénSwedish Radio’s Russia correspondent, Oscar Jonssondoctor of military science and researcher at the Swedish National Defense College, Fredrik Löjdquisthead of the Center for Eastern European Studies at the Foreign Policy Institute (the interview was conducted before the outbreak of war in February 2022) and Richard Norlin researcher at the Swedish Defense Research Agency’s lab in Umeå.

Host: Bo Torbjörn Ek

Host: Ulrika Bergqvist

Producer: Carl-Johan Ulvenäs

Reporter: Per Vallgårda

Technician: Mats Jonsson

Audio from: Adult Swim, Sky News, Swedish Radio, CBS, AP, AFP, BBC, Reuters.


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