Finnish nurses are ready to give up their profession, says Tehyn Rytkönen

Finnish nurses are ready to give up their profession, says Tehyn Rytkönen

Rytkönen revealed that nurses have expressed their readiness to relinquish the right to practice their profession from the Social and Health Inspectorate (Valvira). “To protect themselves specifically from a situation where a bailiff knocks on their door and forces them to act under threat of a fine.”

Tehy and the Association of Nurses (Super) have convened a meeting of their board to consider tougher measures, such as collective redundancies, in their long-running labor dispute with Municipal and County Employers (KT). On Wednesday, Rytkönen remained confused about the details of the planned measure, including the number and timing of possible differences.

KT has blamed two unions refused to provide vital care to clients and patients during the strike that just ended.

Henrika Nybondas-KangasThe RK’s collective bargaining director told YLE that difficult collective bargaining was preceded by months of discussion and mediation.

“A week ago, we resorted to a very unusual approach. An advisory board was set up for this dispute. It is their responsibility to resolve this rather complex situation, he outlined.

The advisory board, set up under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labor, has called on the chief negotiators on both sides of the dispute to continue discussions on outstanding issues on Thursday.

Rytkönen reminded yesterday that if thousands of nurses resign, the responsibility for patient safety remains with the employer.

“Reconciliation is the way to solve this. Together we want to find a solution to the shortage of care. It is strange that nurses are [said to be] invaluable in Finnish society. But at the same time, we are so worthless that no one wants to pay us. “

Tehy last threatened employers’ organizations with mass redundancies in 2007.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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