More than 7.7 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine: UN

More than 7.7 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine: UN

The most urgent needs identified were cash and financial support, as well as medicines and medical supplies, IOM reports.

Director General of IOM Antonio Vitorino “Women and children, the elderly and the disabled have suffered disproportionately because they all represent a very vulnerable group of people.”

“Our work to support all vulnerable populations displaced from their homes and affected by the war continues, but a humanitarian ceasefire is critical to enable access to aid and access for hard-to-reach communities,” he added.

A report by the UN Migration Agency reveals that 15 per cent of those currently displaced plan to return to their homes in the next two weeks, mostly to Kiev and the north of the country, while 8 per cent of the population say they have found a home. damaged by attacks.

To date, at least 150,000 people have received direct assistance from the IOM in Ukraine since the start of the war. Assistance includes food, non-food and hygiene items, cash, mental health and psychosocial support, and information campaigns to help prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation and exploitation.

Russia, in particular, launched a “special war operation” in Ukraine on February 24, which the West has called an unprovoked war. As a result, Western countries have also imposed several crippling sanctions on Moscow.

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