The compost should be like a lasagna

The compost should be like a lasagna

Pernilla Månsson Colt and John Taylor

Pernilla and John are two of Sweden’s most profiled in the garden area and are known from the SVT program “Garden Times”. There we have heard their friendly nibbling about most of the cultivation, planting and pruning. Pernilla Månsson Colt is also the host of “Call and play” in P4 and the SVT program “Husdrömmar Sicilien” and at the Nobel celebrations.

We are recording on a allotment in Malmö

In the podcast, they sit in a allotment on Kirseberg in Malmö and will talk about the love of the green but also give tips on planting, which flowers work where and when to prune trees.

The listeners’ questions are answered

In each program, Pernilla and John answer some of the listener questions we received. The first section is about peaches, tree pruning, melons, buttercups and dahlias.

Send your question to [email protected]

Producer: Kim Ohlsson

Technician: Niklas Skagerlind





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