Veteran MP: "Finnish audience in war psychosis"

Veteran MP: "Finnish audience in war psychosis"

Many people have switched to Finnish Twitter in response to the MP Erkki TuomiojaNATO comments on the National Broadcasting Corporation to interview. A Finnish veteran politician told the US broadcaster that there was a "accompanied by a huge amount of emotion" public support for NATO, which has grown since Russia invaded Ukraine.

"Public opinion has a big role to play here, but there is also this ingrained fear, which is actually also fueled by our media, which is, in a way, I would say, in war psychosis." said Tuomioja, who has served as foreign minister on several governments over the past two decades.

Tuomioja, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, told the US broadcaster that he did not believe Russia’s attack on Finland was realistic. He said that Finland’s NATO membership could cause tensions with Russia "We have had a very pragmatic relationship with Russia in terms of logistics, the environment and regional cooperation."

Tuomioja has not revealed his personal position on Finland’s membership in the military alliance. He told NPR "I am also concerned about the level of public debate. Anyone who questions membership is despised as Putin’s agent."

Prime Minister and Director of the SDP Sanna Marin has said that Finland will probably make a decision to join NATO within weeks. On Saturday, the Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) told Yle that there was no point in delaying Finland’s NATO application.

The parliamentary debate on NATO membership began in Finland this week. These discussions culminate in whether or not Finland wants to join the alliance. According to Yle’s Saturday analysis, the majority of MPs – 114 – support Finland’s NATO membership. The share of supporters is expected to increase as more and more Social Democrats and downtown MPs reveal their positions.

Source: The Nordic Page

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