Finland is reviewing other Covid support schemes for younger age groups

The National Advisory () is due to discuss the possible introduction of other booster doses of Covid in people under 80 on Friday.

Last week, two experienced doctors in Eeva Swedish and Markku Broas – called on the authorities to introduce a fourth Covid vaccine for younger age groups.

Currently, the fourth injection is offered to people over the age of 80 who live in nursing homes or have a severe immune deficiency.

Swedish Chancellor of and District (HUS) suggested offering the vaccine to people over 70 years of age. Broas, chief physician of at the Hospital District, suggested that those already 65 years of age be placed in the next queue for medical treatment, who will be offered a fourth blow.

The country’s Covid vaccine plan was last revised at the health center’s THL at the end of last month, he says. Ville PeltolaKrarin’s chair.

Peltola said the committee will discuss the situation at its next meeting on Friday.

THL has previously said that recommendations for post-booster vaccinations, the third vaccine, can be expected in the fall. However, it is unclear which groups will receive further vaccinations.

Source: The Nordic Page

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