Lynetteholm environmental impact projections based on 41 years old research

Lynetteholm environmental impact projections based on 41 years old research

Stick to their weapons
Timmermann’s conclusion is backed by several other Danish experts and the authors of the original American report, which deals with the environmental impact of canal dredging in a number of American estuaries.

Fred Lee, one of the researchers behind the report, emphasized that their method would require thorough investigations of local conditions in Køge Bay to be used as evidence.

“We do not understand how the organization behind this project has used our data to reach the conclusion that there is no significant environmental impact,” Lee told DR.

Despite the news, the city developer By & Havn maintains that the environmental impact report is sound and that it was the best calculation method.

To add insult to injury, a heavy gray residue recently began to wash up in Copenhagen’s waterfront areas, much to the contempt of local residents.

Generated by the construction of the dams needed to complete the first phase of construction work when sand comes in contact with water, By & Havn has confirmed that the foam is not toxic.

Nevertheless, the locals are convinced that they will no longer bathe in their locally designated area.

Source: The Nordic Page




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