The cyber attack hits valuable hotels in Helsinki and affects 15,000 customers

According to Nordic Hotels & Resorts, 15,497 customers’ personal data has been leaked from the booking system used by Hotelli Kämp and F6 Hotel as a result of a breach in February.

"The booking system for of our suppliers’ websites was compromised. The attack affected two of our hotels," said Jonathan BlomCommunication advice from Nordic Hotels & Resorts.

He added that several other hotels in were also affected by the system attack, but said he did not know which ones, as such arrangements exist between the hotel and the supplier.

The attack took place between February 10 and 14, according to a company that announced it had learned of the hack on April 9.

Blom said the vulnerability that allowed the data to be hacked has since been fixed.

"We try to closely with our suppliers and our IT support team to prevent things like this from happening, but unfortunately there are criminals who commit to gain access to . The of our guests is paramount to us," Blom said.

The was the first to report the breach.

Source: The Nordic Page

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