Johan Pehrson (L): Nuclear weapons important when dictatorships have them

Johan Pehrson (L): Nuclear weapons important when dictatorships have them

It is a sprained Liberals that the newly appointed party leader Johan Pehrson has taken over. The party has only five months to convince voters of a vote for the Liberals once election day is here. How will Johan Pehrson save the Liberals?

“Important with nuclear weapons when dictatorships like Russia have them”

The question of a Swedish NATO membership can be decided soon and the Liberals have long wanted to see Sweden in the defense alliance. That a NATO membership can mean that Sweden falls under the military alliance’s nuclear umbrella is not a problem, according to Johan Pehrson.

– In a dream world, I wish they were not needed, but now it is not a dream world. now it is a rather brutal world where pure evil stands against the right of democracies to defend themselves.

About Johan Pehrson:

Name: Johan Pehrson, Liberal Party leader
Age: 53
Background: Elected to the Riksdag in 1998 but then left the Riksdag and politics in 2015. In 2018, he returned to politics and was re-elected to the Riksdag. Johan Pehrson became party leader for the Liberals in April 2022, in connection with Nyamko Sabuni’s resignation.

Guest: Johan PehrsonLiberal Party leader
Comment: Fredrik Furtenbachdomestic policy commentator at Ekot
Host: Johar Bendjelloul
Producer: Parisa Höglund
Technician: Andreas Ericsson


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