Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Denmark to shape new parts of the partnership

Prime Minister Modi's visit to Denmark to shape new parts of the partnership

New Delhi [India]May 1 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Denmark will give India an opportunity to form new parts of partnerships in skills development, shipping, agricultural technology and mobility, said newly appointed Foreign Minister Vinay Mohan Kwatra on Sunday.

In a special briefing on Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Europe, Kwatra said that after the end of the German stage of his tour, Prime Minister Modi will travel to Copenhagen on 3 May on an official visit at the invitation of the Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen.

Notably, this will be the Prime Minister’s first visit to Denmark, but his third summit-level meeting with his Danish counterpart.

The discussions between the two leaders will focus on bilateral issues as well as issues of regional and global interest. Prime Minister Modi and Frederiksen will later also interact with business leaders in both countries under the auspices of the India-Denmark Business Forum.

Kwatra further said that Prime Minister Modi would also call the Danish Queen Margrethe II who would also host an official dinner for the Prime Minister.

“As in Germany, also in Denmark, the Prime Minister will interact with the members of the Indian diaspora during a community event,” he added.

The Foreign Minister noted that the substance of the partnership with Denmark has many important pillars that include a green strategic partnership which is a model of cooperation that focuses on renewable energy, sustainability and green growth.

“There is also a five-year joint action plan that mainly focuses on the details of this partnership in addition to the ongoing cooperation in the areas of wind energy, water management, circular economy, shipping and smart cities,” he said.

“The visit will also be an opportunity for us to form new parts of partnerships in the areas of skills development, shipping, agricultural technology and mobility,” he added.

Kwatra announced that on May 4, Prime Minister Modi will participate in the second India-Nordic summit with the prime ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. But before the summit begins, PM Modi will also hold bilateral summits with the leaders of Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden.

“Although the details of the discussion and the results regarding the Nordic countries and the summit would emerge later as we continue with the visit, India’s partnership with the Nordic countries is structured around four to five clusters, including green partnership, the whole space for digital and “innovation economy, economic trade and investment links, sustainable development and partnerships linked to the Arctic region”, said the Foreign Minister, adding that the summit will provide an opportunity to advance these agendas.

It is noteworthy that India is the only country besides the United States that the Nordic countries have meetings with at summits.

Prime Minister Modi will begin his three-day visit to Germany, Denmark and France on Monday. The Prime Minister’s training visit will have a significant and comprehensive agenda during his bilateral and multilateral meetings. (ANI)


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