The Prime Minister of India will visit Europe from Monday

The Prime Minister of India will visit Europe from Monday

NEW DELHI, May 1 (Xinhua) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel early Monday for a tour of three European nations, namely Germany, Denmark and France, Foreign Minister Vinay Mohan Kwatra announced on Sunday.

This will be Modi’s first visit abroad this year.

“Premier will share India’s perspective on Ukraine during its tour of three nations,” Kwatra said.

“India’s stance on the war between Russia and Ukraine has been quite clear. We have always argued that hostilities should end in Ukraine, and that the path to resolution should be through diplomacy and dialogue,” Kwatra said.

In his pre-departure statement, Modi said his visit to Europe comes at a time when the region is “facing many challenges and choices.”

“Through my commitment, I intend to strengthen the spirit of cooperation with our European partners, who are important companions in India’s pursuit of peace and prosperity,” he said.

Modi will visit Berlin on 2 May at the invitation of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“I will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark on 3-4 May at the invitation of the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to hold bilateral engagements and also participate in the second India-Nordic summit. On the way back to India I will make a short stopover in Paris for a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron “, the Indian Prime Minister added in his statement.

In Denmark, Modi will participate in the second India-Nordic summit together with prime ministers from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. “We will evaluate our cooperation since the first India-Nordic summit in 2018,” said Modi.

The India-Nordic Summit will focus on topics such as post-pandemic economic recovery, climate change, innovation and technology, renewable energy, the evolving global security scenario and India-Nordic co-operation in the Arctic region.

In addition to the summit, Modi will also meet with leaders of the other four Nordic countries and review progress in India’s bilateral relations with them.

The Nordic countries are important partners for India in sustainability, renewable energy, digitalisation and innovation, said Modi, adding “The visit will help expand our multifaceted co-operation with the Nordic region.”


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