The story of NATO – this is how the defense alliance works

The story of NATO - this is how the defense alliance works

The invasion of Ukraine has increased the Swedes’ willingness to join NATO and the government is working at a fast pace. In just a couple of weeks, a security policy report will be presented, before a possible membership. But how did NATO come about and how do you become a member? In P4 Världen we hold a crash course with the theme NATO.

That would mean a Swedish membership

Sweden would have access to NATO’s nuclear umbrella and planning, but this with Article 5, which involves help from other countries if attacked, may not be quite as bomb-proof as it may sometimes sound.

Ekot’s foreign reporter David Carlqvist explains the concepts. Anna Wieslander, head of Northern Europe at the American think tank Atlantic Council, gives us the historical picture of the defense alliance NATO and explains if there are any obstacles to Swedish membership. Listen to the correspondent Carina Holmberg about the Finnish process around membership, and how the NATO member and neighbor Norway view Swedish membership. We also hear Ekots Mats Eriksson, on the Swedish change of course in the NATO issue.

Host: Kajsa Boglind

Producer: Catarina Spåre Gustafsson

Technician: Ludvig Widman


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