Money – four ways to pay in a crisis

Money - four ways to pay in a crisis

How much cash should I have at home and what denominations?

Nearly 90% of all transactions in Sweden are made by card and if that system is shut down, alternatives are needed. Erik sorts out how much cash should be in the mattress, in what denominations and also what other ways you can ensure that you have the opportunity to pay in a situation of knocked out payment systems. Without money = no food, medicine or fuel.

Preparedness with P4 Extras Erik Blix

Preparedness is a podcast with Erik Blix about preparing for a crisis. In the event of natural disasters, major power outages and, in the worst case, a war, there are things you need to know to cope with everyday life.

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Audio clips in the episode: CNBC, TV4, SR, Filmarkivet, P3 Documentary: Arlandarånet





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