Yle publishes news in Ukrainian

Yle publishes news in Ukrainian

Yle publishes news in Ukrainian to serve the country’s refugees arriving in Finland. The textual news, which is published on weekdays, focuses on top national news as well as stories of interest to Ukrainians. The articles also contain practical information about living in Finland.

"We want to support Ukrainians coming to Finland," Aki KekäläinenYle’s Head of Democracy and Digitalisation told Yle Uutis.

The service is based on machine translations taken from Yle’s English and Russian services, which are checked and published by a Ukrainian journalist.

Kekäläinen said that the use of artificial intelligence applications will increase in the future.

The Ukrainian news service will initially aim to publish three to five news stories a day.

This is not the first time that Yle has expanded its news offering to minority languages ​​in Finland. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Yle sent coronavirus data in Somali, Arabic, Kurdish, and Persian.

"At the time, it was important that we were able to provide reliable and up-to-date coronavirus information to people, regardless of whether they spoke Finnish or not. It is now important that we provide Ukrainian refugees with the latest news from Finland in their own language," said Marko Krapuwhich leads Yle’s special language news units.

According to the latest estimates of the Finnish Immigration Service, Finland expects as many as 80,000 refugees to arrive from Ukraine.

Yle’s Ukrainian-language news site launches on 4.5. at Yle.fi/novyny.

In addition to Finnish, Swedish and Sámi, Yle currently offers additional content in English, Russian, Finnish Sign Language, Simple Finnish, Romani and Karelian.

Source: The Nordic Page

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