Taidehalli Helsinki: The ex-boss is suspected of cheating the foundation

Taidehalli Helsinki: The ex-boss is suspected of cheating the foundation

Non-Profit Art Foundation The Art Foundation has asked police to investigate suspected financial abuse by its former director.

The request for an investigation concerns the events and amounts in 2014-2021 for more than 100,000 euros.

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, Kai Huotaritold Yle that suspicions of misconduct began to emerge around 2021 when the Group prepared its financial statements for last year.

"We asked the auditor to pay special attention to the credit card used by the former director. At the end of the inspection, it became clear that the former director could not continue in office and resigned immediately," Huotari explained.

He added that the credit card had been used for purposes outside the foundation.

"Since then, the suspicions have spread to other economic activities as well, but I will not go into it further because the police are conducting an investigation and we want to let them continue in peace," Huotari said.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Helsinki police confirmed that the agency received a request for an investigation into the matter in December last year. Police said they had launched a preliminary investigation into suspected gross fraud, gross embezzlement and abuse of trust, adding that one suspect was under investigation.

According to police, the preliminary investigation was still in its infancy and no further information is available.

Meanwhile, Huotari said the issue could be as high as € 200,000. However, he noted that the situation does not affect the operation of the art hall and the exhibitions will continue as normal.

Taidehalli Helsinki is a non-profit association founded in 1928 and managed by a private foundation supported by art and artist clubs.

Located in the city’s Etu-Töölö area, the department serves as a gallery for various exhibitions of contemporary art, including works by international artists.

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