Police: No intentional traffic accident in Helsinki on Saturday

Police: No intentional traffic accident in Helsinki on Saturday

“There has been no sign that the man has deliberately tried to drive over people.” Lasse LagerbohmSenior Investigator in charge of the Helsinki Police Department’s preliminary investigation, stated To YLE on Tuesday. “We have some idea of ​​the reasons for the incident, but the investigation is still in its infancy.”

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However, researchers have found that there was one passenger in the car. Police have tentatively interviewed both the motorist and the passenger, a woman of undetermined age, according to Lagerbohm.

Police have also reviewed security camera recordings of the incident.

The motorist is tentatively suspected of causing a serious traffic hazard, negligent bodily harm, resisting an official, and infecting police. Investigators are also investigating the possibility that the man was intoxicated at the time of his arrest based on his behavior; Video footage spreading on social media seems to make the man scream loudly when police catch him.

The results of a blood test performed on him after the incident are expected by Saturday.

The Ministry of Finance has confirmed that the car driven by the suspect is one of its officials. Neither the ministry nor the police have found out if the car was driven by its owner at the time of the incident, but police say the car has not been stolen.

The official ran unsuccessfully in the provincial elections held earlier this year under the flag of Perussuomalainen.

The suspect was transported directly from the scene to the hospital and has never been in police custody. Police have declined to comment on whether he has been discharged from the hospital.

The pre-trial investigation will continue with the investigation of photographs and video footage of the incident, as well as interviews with eyewitnesses and stakeholders. “We know about 30 people we have to interview,” Lagerbohm told YLE.

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