Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with Nordic countries to strengthen partnership in blue economy, clean technology, 5G

Prime Minister Modi's meeting with Nordic countries to strengthen partnership in blue economy, clean technology, 5G

Copenhagen [Denmark]May 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bilateral meeting with the Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway will strengthen the partnership in the blue economy, clean technology, geothermal energy and 5G.

In a special briefing by Foreign Minister Vinay Kwatra on Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Nordic countries, held at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark, he said: “The Prime Minister’s meetings with Nordic leaders began with his meeting with his Norwegian counterpart, Jonas Gahr Store, where the main focus of discussion and partnership was on – 1) blue economy and its various aspects; 2) renewable energy, especially opportunities for cooperation in hydropower and green hydrogen; 3) technology and investment ties – in this context, PM invited Norwegian pension funds to participate in India’s growth history , 4) In the health sector where the two leaders talked about cooperation on joint research in vaccines and development of health infrastructure and 5) Cooperation to build and restore watercourses in India.

“They also talked about continued cooperation and coordination within the UNSC as well as bilateral, cultural cooperation, including yoga between the two countries,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi collaborated with Nordic partners alongside the second India-Nordic summit. He met prime ministers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. Prior to that, he held bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway today.

Prime Minister Modi’s second meeting was with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, where the main focus for discussion and cooperation was on clean technology and sustainable solutions.

“This was widely discussed under two headings, one of which relates to Sweden’s investments in India in Clean Technology Sustainable Solution and partnerships in research and innovation in this area, based on very successful partnerships of the leading IT program related to industrial transformation. ” in Kwatra.

Later in the day, Prime Minister Modi Island’s counterpart met Katrin Jakobsdottir and the two prime ministers also spoke about cooperation in the blue economy, including fisheries and food processing.

“This year, India-Iceland is celebrating the 50th year of our bilateral relations. Discussions between them focused on cooperation in geothermal energy and its various aspects, including research, education, skills development and innovation in this field,” said the Foreign Minister.

Today’s last bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi was with Finland’s counterpart Sanna Marin, where the focus of the conversation was to build on the existing strength that India and Finland achieved in the entire ecosystem of digital partnerships.

“More specifically, they talked about cooperation in the field of digital innovation, digital goods and platforms including infrastructure such as 5G and 6G. We recently established a common expertise in the field of quantum computing and finally investment in the technology sector of Finnish countries – already has a strong presence – like Nokia, Errickson , “added Kwatra.

The two leaders talked about women’s empowerment and also noted the biorefinery project in Assam which is nearing completion. (ANI)


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