APN podcast: When skin color is a weapon in online chat

This week, APN is exploring online social forums and the polarized debate that often occurs there – and racism. ’s journalist Veli-Pekka Hämäläinen found that stories where an immigrant could be charged with a were more likely to arouse passions online.

Hämäläinen watched six crime stories in which the perpetrator was an immigrant and six in which there was no culprit. The stories related to immigrants received twice as much interaction as the others.

His revealed 10 accounts on Twitter that relentlessly focus on immigrant crime and have links to influential figures in Finnish society. For example, some users are followed by high-profile .

"So they’re not just Anonymous Trolls working in a vacuum, they have some connections to really important forums. And naturally, they affect what you and I see on social media. Because every post that gets more likes, shares, and comments is more visible to all users," said Hämäläinen.

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The podcast also looked at the rules for new jobseekers that came into force this week.

Under the new activation model, job seekers must apply for four jobs a month, on average once a week. Difference from previous model Juha The is that this job seekers will not be told where to apply, but can choose what jobs they are applying for.

But things don’t always go according to plan and the new model already shows some weaknesses. One of the people who experience the shortcomings of the act is the academic Wasiq Silan who became unemployed last March.

"They have suggestions such as Professor of Chain Management and Social Responsibility. Which is essential because it’s academic work, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t know anything about supply chain management, I’m studying social sciences," Wasiq told us.

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This week’s presentation was presented by Egan Richardson and Zena Iovinoby additional reporting Veronica Kontopoulou. The sound engineer was Juha Hjelm.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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