Becoming an adult on stage

Imagine a summer school from which your children emerged as more mature, rounded and responsible individuals. There’s a catch, right?

And as an added bonus: They get to indulge in their deepest passions: singing, dancing and acting.
Now, for a decade SceneKunst has run several such schools during the summer holidays.

The kids keep coming back – sometimes until their late teens!

If only I were 10 again!
Caroline Müller, 17, who is both and Dutch, participated in international summer camp for English speakers last year.

She has a single regret: If only she had heard of the Performing Arts opportunity before.

“When I was little, I attended the same week-long camp every summer vacation, but stopped going when it got boring and challenging,” she says.

“But had it been Performing Arts, I would never have stopped. They never get boring: every year is a new amazing and challenging camp. I wish I had started going to Performing Arts camps much earlier than I did. ”

Fellowship and growing age
In addition to being challenging, the camps are often attended by a large diversity of young people – united by their love of musical theater. Friendships formed in the camps often last.

For the 12-year-old British twins Ana and Lucie Ganzleben Daniell, who are due to attend their third Performing Arts summer camp in July, part of the appeal is to catch up with the friends they have made. They can not wait to return.

“You make a lot of new friends and you get to meet so many amazing and different people,” Ana says excitedly. “Going to this camp was of the best experiences of my life, it’s so much fun and I would definitely recommend it,” adds Lucie.

feels that the camp has helped her become “more responsible, mature and independent”, and Lucie agrees.

“There are many things we have to do ourselves. We need to help prepare meals and take turns cleaning up after. It has made me more independent and mature, ”she says.

More in harmony with theater
A life-changing experience is, to put it mildly, according to Susanne Jeppesen, a regular 15-year-old Danish-British participant at SceneKunst summer camp.

“If you come, you will find a new other family who share the same passions as you – another family that I will never forget or stop communicating with,” she says excitedly.

Together with the camaraderie, Jeppesen also greatly appreciates the teaching she has received.

“During camp, I learned many tips on how to use my voice and body to improve my acting skills,” she says.

“In , I want to credit the camp for increasing my passion for theater and being on stage.”

Source: The Nordic Page




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