Clark Olofsson – Sweden’s most notorious criminal

One late summer day in august 1973, an unknown robber enters Kreditbanken on Norrmalmstorg in . He takes staff hostage and demands three million kronor in ransom – and that the infamous robber shall be released from prison and taken to the .

This is how the story begins Norrmalmstorgsdramat and Stockholm syndrome, but Clark is already before the incident a national celebrity, who among other things was convicted of attempted murder of a officer. Clark Olofsson is considered a dangerous and unscrupulous criminal. At the same , he has been called a gentleman thief and likened to a pop star and girl idol.

P3 ID draws a portrait of ’s most noticed criminals. We hear about the wandering upbringing in foster homes, about car chases and robberies – and a number of spectacular escapes from various institutions and prisons.

In the program is heard Clark Olofsson himself, as well as the journalists Jan Helin and Ewa Tures.

Amendment: In an earlier version of this program, we say that Clark Olofsson has been convicted of attempted murder of a police officer. This is an incorrect statement that has now been modified. Clark is convicted of attempted murder.

Host: Vendela Lundberg
Episode Writer & Reporter: Axel Winqvist
Executive Producer:
Technician: Fredrik Nilsson
The program is a production from the production company OLGA

The sound clips in the documentary are taken from: Swedish and Swedish Television.


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