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This is not new. In recent decades, European members of NATO have supported U.S. interventions in , , and , often despite objections from their own people. Not to mention the impact on the people of these countries, the result for was negative in all campaigns: unstable neighbors, loss of life, devastated economies, waves of refugees facing new obstacles far from home, spending undesirable. due to success and increased internal tensions.

In , Europe is following and following the US and is hoping for a better result. Prolonged conflict and further escalation are expected. The continent is more divided. Protected by two oceans, the may feel safer, but the conflict has the greatest risks and consequences for the old continent. Much has already been written and said that the US-led NATO may have been the motivation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the latter also being mentioned. by the pope. This raises the question of why Europe is not leading its own independent security and foreign policy. US-ruled NATO eliminates the need. It also brings US-led competitions and conflicts to Europe.

The needs the voice of an independent Europe. The withdrawal of the U.S. military, especially from , could pave the way for this. The United States deserves immeasurable praise for what this country has done for Europe, but the security architecture put in place after now seems to be working against all concerned. The presidents of the United States have been elected in succession because they want to reduce global military intervention in favor of their own country. U.S. infrastructure, security, and equity in education and health are still far removed from Western and Northern Europe. During the Trump administration, consideration was given to withdrawing troops from Germany and leave NATO. It may seem paradoxical at a contradictory time, but one may ask whether this transfer would ease tensions. A strict defense purpose would be more credible in the European treaty body, and new accessions would be less burdensome than joining NATO in the history of interventions.

The idea of ​​a European or any other military base on its own soil would be resentment for the United States. U.S. citizens understand the importance of security independence. We all know the risks and we have the means to avoid them, but we are in danger that the transatlantic collective will encourage great escalation. Everyone, including the United States, should welcome control and balance through European independence. If Ukraine is a warning sign of what can happen in Asia, then now is the time to question existing structures and discuss the benefits of European security independence.

Factor: Dieter EgliPhD

Dieter Egli is a U.S. citizen from Switzerland, a doctor from the University of Zurich and a professor at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, USA.

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