Thursday’s newspapers: Finland is preparing for Russian trolls, school holidays "free" loans

Thursday's newspapers: Finland is preparing for Russian trolls, school holidays "free" loans

Posters slandering a Swedish children’s writer have appeared in Moscow Astrid Lindgren natsina. It said Hufvudstadsbladet says that Finland will probably see similar advocacy campaigns as Russia tries to justify its actions in Ukraine.

A Swedish military expert told HBL Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimFinland’s best-known war leader and long-term president Urho Kekkonen were likely candidates for blackmail campaigns aimed at casting a shadow over Finland.

In the meantime, the Russian troll factory has set its goals in the Finnish media at the request of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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Summer vacation thing

In the middle cities of Finland in the middle of a week-long school strike, Helsingin sanomat newspaper asks whether the summer holidays could be postponed by a week to compensate for the days lost during the teachers’ industrial action.

Outi SaloThe head of the Helsinki basic education department told HS that although the capital has no plans to extend the school year, the administrative authorities are assessing whether it is justified to keep children in grade 4.6. after the end of the strike 9.5.

According to the law, there are 190 working days in Finland during the school year, when schools typically end the spring semester at the beginning of June.

Beating inflation?

More than a million taxpayers in Finland pay too much income tax. Many people believe that it is better to wait for a refund than to have to pay back taxes.

Business every day KauppalehtiHowever, the most read story in the magazine suggests that sometimes it is more profitable for taxpayers to be in debt to the tax office than to pay too much and wait for a refund.

KL reports fintech service company Compare First, it became clear that it was most financially sensible to have a tax debt of just under EUR 1,000 at the end of the tax year. Interest on arrears will not accrue on amounts below this threshold. The tax office pays 0.5 percent interest on the refunds, which is less than inflation, the financial newspaper writes.

Source: The Nordic Page

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