The Finnish THL is extending the recommendation to the fourth vaccination

THL on Thursday said The fourth injection, which can be given no earlier than three months after the third, is an attempt to increase and extend the level of protection against severe forms of disease, especially fatal ones. Just over half (51%) of those aged 80 and over have received four doses and 87.5% of those aged 18 and over have received at least two doses.

The recommendation was updated based on coronavirus epidemic surveillance data, efficacy and the opinion of the National Committee (KRAR).

Preparations for the wider fourth round of vaccination are underway next fall at the latest.

The and District (HUS) announced that it would immediately extend the fourth round of vaccination based on the recommendation.

“We had predicted that a fourth dose of the vaccine would be recommended for anyone over the age of 70, but there are other restrictive definitions in the recommendation related to and care arrangements.” Eeva SwedishHUS Assistant Chief Medical Officer, told me Helsingin sanomat newspaper.

Mika SalminenTHL’s health chief said at a news conference on Thursday that the incidence of infections indicates a decline in the epidemic, although official tests no longer provide a comprehensive picture of the epidemiological situation.

The reduction in infections is reflected not only in a reduction in the number of patients in primary care, specialist care and intensive care, but also in a reduction in the viral load in wastewater. Because virus residues are found in wastewater on average three weeks after infection, wastewater analyzes are a late picture of the epidemiological situation.

In a peer-reviewed study, THL and the University of Helsinki estimate that 28–31 per cent of have had signs of infection.

Indicators show that the epidemic began to loosen across the country probably in April. The effective reproductive rate of the virus has fallen steadily over the past month, from an estimated 0.75 to 0.85.

However, the infection remains a serious disease risk, especially for high-risk groups, THL recalled. Although about half of the coronavirus-positive patients in hospitals have occasional infections, the number of deaths within 30 days of receiving a positive test is still high.

Matti ReinikainenThe professor of anesthesiology and intensive care at the University of Eastern said that the situation in the intensive care units is under control. The number of coronavirus-positive patients in the units has been about 20 in recent days, about half of whom had been hospitalized for a reason other than coronavirus.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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