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Unlike the Left Party, the Green Party does not want the issue of Swedish NATO membership to be decided in a referendum. wants the issue to be debated in the election campaign and decided after the parliamentary elections in September. The current process, where the can make a decisive decision in the coming weeks, she thinks is going too fast.

Märta Stenevi emphasizes ’s independence to choose defense cooperation and to work for peace in the as an argument for continuing to stand outside NATO.

– What is important is that we do not become full members of a nuclear and thus limit our opportunities both to criticize the member countries but also make it more difficult to work for disarmament.

“It’s about us wanting to be able to choose our defense partnerships”

The Green Party hastily left the government after M, SD and KD got their budget through the in November. Since then, the government has made a number of decisions that went against the party’s line, such as the final repository of , the expansion of Arlanda and the green light for the mine in Kallak. Meanwhile, the Green Party’s public opinion support has continued to decline from already low levels. How smart was it to leave the government and what should they do to not leave the Riksdag in the election this autumn?

About Märta Stenevi:

Name: Märta Stenevi, spokesperson for the Green Party
Age: 46 years
Background: Worked in the publishing industry before entering politics. After a position of trust in Region Skåne and the city of , she became the Green Party’s party secretary in 2019. In January 2021, she was elected spokeswoman and was appointed Minister for Equality and Housing shortly afterwards. The Green Party left the government in November 2021.

Guest: Märta Stenevispokesman for the Green Party
Comment: Tomas Rambergdomestic policy commentator at Ekot
Host: Johar
Producer: Maja Lagercrantz
Technician: Tim Kellerman


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