Finland’s gas import bill from Russia rose by almost 300%

Finnish imports from Russia increased by 282 per cent year-on-year in March, a month after Russia invaded , data showed.

The jump reflects the rise in gas prices.

Finnish gas imports in March were EUR 151 million, compared with EUR 39.6 million a year earlier and about 122 per cent more than in February.

(SDP) has said that Finland must wean Russia off gas as soon as possible to stop funding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In March, on the other hand, Finnish gas imports increased by 124 per cent from February, according to the European gas transmission operator ENTSOG.

Olli-Pekka PenttiläThe director of statistics at Customs told Reuters that the increase in volume was probably due to the filling of Finnish industrial stocks.

More than five percent of the energy used in Finland is natural gas, but its loss would still have a serious impact on the and employment, as it plays a key role in industrial production.

Minister of Economic Affairs (Central) said this week that the Finnish economy would suffer greatly from Russia shutting off its gas taps.

According to and the Natural Resources Center, Finland received about 34 per cent of its total energy from Russia last year, including oil, coal and other energy sources.

Finland’s crude oil imports from Russia, on the other hand, fell by 70 per cent in value and by 45 per cent in March. Customs data showed that it was replaced mainly by imports from Norway.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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