The Green Party opposes Sweden’s accession to NATO

The Green Party opposes Sweden's accession to NATO

Moscow [Russia]May 7 ( / Sputnik): Sweden should refrain from joining NATO, even if decides to join the , said Green Party spokeswoman Marta Stenevi on Saturday.

The Green Party, which holds 16 seats in the Swedish parliament with 349 members, “has closely followed Finland’s debate” on NATO membership, but Helsinki’s decision will not force the party to abandon its position on the alliance, Stenevi added to Swedish Radio.

“We are considering this [Finland’s position] in our analysis, but from my perspective it will not affect our negative attitude towards NATO, says Stenevi and adds that the Green Party is against Sweden joining the alliance.

On Wednesday, Secretary of the ruling Swedish Social Democratic Party Tobias Baudin said that the party may decide as early as May 15 whether it will join NATO or not. Nevertheless, according to reports, the party lacks agreement on this issue because some prominent members, including Sweden’s Minister of Climate and Environment Annika Strandhall, oppose the country’s membership in the alliance.

The in has led to an extensive debate in both Finland and Sweden about abandoning decades of neutrality and joining NATO in the midst of a changing security situation in . Over the past two months, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finland’s Sanna have initiated high-level discussions, both at home and abroad, on the terms and consequences of applying for NATO membership. Their formal decision is expected at the Alliance’s summit in in June. (ANI / Sputnik)


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