Odyssey in Odessa, (S) sprints into NATO and the culture panel on abortions

The Social Democrats’ quick decisions in the issue

The question of a Swedish application to the military NATO has also characterized this week and the speed, not least with regard to the Social Democrats’ decision on a yes or no to NATO membership, has been pushed up further.

At the same time as both Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have visited a number of world leaders this week, the Social Democratic internal security policy dialogue for the party’s elected representatives and other members is ongoing.

A sham democratic process means some critical Social Democrats, while others look forward to reaching a decision on whether Sweden should abandon the freedom of alliance or not.

Meeting inflation after the pandemic – how good are meetings?

The pandemic has affected many parts of our everyday lives and one of them is the meeting culture. We have had to hold meetings on digital platforms, without meeting in real life.

Now many have started to return to their jobs at the same time as we have become accustomed to working from home to a greater extent, which creates semi-digital meetings – so-called hybrid meetings.

The digital meeting culture during the pandemic has also meant that we now spend even more time on meetings and have fewer breaks between them.

Finland and the NATO issue

On Thursday, Finnish President will announce his position on the NATO issue, and on Saturday, the Social Democrats will publicly decide the course.

But even now, both NATO advocates and critics have agreed that Finland will apply for membership in NATO.

What began with a fluctuation in opinion following Russia’s invasion of has led to a historically rapid process – which is now in its decisive week.

Time 1:

  • This is how the war in Ukraine continues – hears military expert Paasikivi

  • Everyday life in Odessa in the shadow of the war

  • (S) sprints into NATO

  • Hybrid meetings characterize the meeting culture after the pandemic

  • Chronicle on the NATO issue by Ulrika Knutson

  • The panels

Time 2:

  • Finland’s rapid process towards NATO membership

  • The Russian threat to

  • Satire with Public Service

  • The culture panel on abortions – hear Jens Liljestrand, Helena Granström and Lotta Wendel

  • Generation 2 – Marcos and Duterte – are expected to take over in the

  • Kåseri by Pamela Jaskoviak about the emptiness afterwards

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Producer: Katarina von Arndt

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