The Left Alliance says it will not leave the government over NATO

The Left announced on Saturday that it would continue as The SDP should strive for .

The party announced the matter after a meeting of the party council and parliamentary group on Saturday.

The party does not officially support ’s accession to the military alliance. It stated earlier that it can only operate in alliances that keep Finland outside the defense unions.

Minister of Li AnderssonHowever, the chairman of the Left Alliance said the party would support its government ministers in approving a NATO application if the state leadership puts forward one.

Andersson said he thought it was important to stress that members of the Left Alliance could oppose and support NATO.

"The Left Alliance used to be quite unanimous on this issue [Finnish Nato membership]but now there are two separate camps in the party, and many are uncertain about their position," Andersson said.

During the party debate on Saturday, it was emphasized that if Finland applies for NATO membership, the country must continue to for global peace and at the same time support a policy that promotes rights.

Commenting on the positive aspects of NATO membership, Andersson said that although the EU had some guarantees, European defense cooperation is not at the same level as cooperation between NATO members.

"The negative aspects are related to membership, which increases political and military tensions on Finland’s eastern border," said Andersson, who is expected to reveal his personal stance on NATO membership next week.

Source: The Nordic Page

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