The Finnish head coach is different from the Russian volleyball team

Tuomas Sammelvuo has resigned from the position of coach of the Russian ’s volleyball team, according to Russian media -Express.

The Russian Volleyball Association would have liked to have extended the agreement, the secretary Alexander Jaramenko He told the news channel, but added that the issue is not so relevant now because of the team ‘s lack of play and because Sammelvuo could face severe pressure in his home country if he continues.

In January, Sammelvuo told commercial that he plans to continue as head coach, but the deal had not yet been signed. Sammelvuo has been coaching the team since 2019.

Sammelvuo won Olympic silver and the 2019 FIVB volleyball in the men’s league with the Russian team.

’s attack on has led many Finnish athletes and coaches working to resign. Most of the Finnish hockey players who worked under the KHL (Continental Hockey League) contracts in Russia have since resigned.

Source: The Nordic Page




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