The Ministry of the Environment finances 12 climate action projects in the built environment

Projects now underway are developing ways to reduce the of construction, researching the use of natural materials as building materials, producing information on low-carbon construction products and further developing the efficiency of construction. The projects will also create operating models for reducing emissions from municipal construction, low-carbon spatial planning and adaptation to change.

The total amount of projects awarded is approximately EUR 1,890,000. The projects are implemented by , municipalities and other

Funded projects

Project owner, project name, total project budget, funding awarded

  • Consortium of the City of Tampere: Adaptive urban area, EUR 70,000, EUR 28,000
  • University of Tampere (Tampere University Foundation sr): Preliminary study on low-carbon and organic construction products and their uses – NatureCO2, EUR 55,000, EUR 22,000
  • Green Building Partners Oy: Housing Company’s carbon counter, EUR 75,500, EUR 30,200
  • University of Tampere (Tampere University Foundation sr): Interior convection of attics with bulk insulation – Insulated roof, € 122,000, € 48,800
  • Päätalo Arkkitehdit Oy: Light clay element prototype, 22,730 euros, 9,000 euros
  • Municipality of Tuusula: Tuusula’s climate operating model – phase 2 Development and implementation, EUR 214,300, EUR 70,000
  • Green Building Council ry: Preparation of guidelines for a carbon-neutral area, EUR 15,350, EUR 6,140
  • Vihdin Betoni Oy: Low-carbon, industrial-grade, unburned ramped earth wall from surplus materials, EUR 650,000, EUR 260,000
  • Building Information Oy: Environmental database of construction products for the promotion of low-carbon construction, EUR 339,500, EUR 139,825
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd: Benefits of energy planning in the initial phase of a residential construction project, EUR 46,005, EUR 18,402
  • Aalto University Foundation sr: ProWoodBuild: Towards sustainable wood construction for mitigation and adaptation, EUR 166,064, EUR 66,426
  • LK Energiaratkaisut Oy: solar wall project, EUR 114,000, EUR 45,600

The Ministry of the Environment’s second application round started today

The second application round of the Ministry of the Environment’s low-carbon built environment program will run from 9 May to 10 June 2022. A maximum of EUR 2 million in total funding is available.

Research, development and projects aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of low-carbon solutions in the built environment are again eligible for funding. The applicant can be any community with a ID, such as companies, municipalities and communities.

“Once again, we hope for diverse and innovative project ideas. In addition to new construction products and methods, projects can also cover, for example, renovation, low-carbon infrastructure or ways to help the built environment adapt to a changing climate. Projects can also build a knowledge base for low-carbon construction and develop tools for evaluation, says project coordinator Maija Stenvall from the Ministry of the Environment.

Source: Ministry of the Environment

Source: The Nordic Page

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