The protesters will gather in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere on Monday

For the second day, marches were held in various Finnish cities, many of which joined the Russian war .

Four separate demonstrations were held in front of the Russian Embassy in on Monday. A demonstration was also held in the center of Helsinki in support of the ending municipal strike, as well as a demonstration against Turkey’s actions in .

The pro- event was held in Mannerheim Square, in front of the Kiasma Art , from 5 pm to 7 pm. The organizers have demanded a daily event on site until Friday.

’s Finnish branch office organized a demonstration in support of Russian activists in front of the Russian Embassy on Tehtaankatu from 4 pm to 4.30 pm.

It was followed by two anti-war demonstrations against a Russian attack outside the embassy, ​​including a "Peace in Ukraine" a demonstration to be held daily from 6pm to 8pm until May 18th.

The second peace march, originally scheduled for Senate Square at 5 p.m., was canceled, said.

In the southwestern city of , about 200 people gathered in front of the Russian consulate on Monday afternoon to mourn the victims of the Russian attack. They sang songs, recited poems, and set flowers in place.

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Hundreds gathered in Turku to commemorate the victims of the war.Arttu Kuivanen / General

The bishop was the speaker Mari Leppänen From the Lutheran Archdiocese of Turku. He and the archbishop Tapio Luoma later joined with locals to sing hymns and complaints on the steps of Turku Cathedral on Monday night.

Protesters support strike and

In addition to protests related to the war in Ukraine, a demonstration was held in the early afternoon in support of a week-long municipal strike in Civic Square.

An extensive march in the southern center of Tampere was also organized to support the strike, which ends on Monday. A settlement proposal for a municipal wage dispute was expected on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a demonstration against Turkish action in Iraqi Kurdistan was held in the afternoon on Kamppi Square in the capital.

According to the Helsinki Police Chief Heikki Porolano events were reported to the police on Monday in honor of ’s Victory Day in Helsinki.

The day before, however, a small Russian-minded convoy of motorists drove through the center of Helsinki, waving Russian and Finnish flags.

It was one of seven demonstrations in the center of Helsinki on Sunday, six of which were in some way related to the war in Ukraine.

Source: The Nordic Page

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