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May 9 is a holiday in as the victory in War II is celebrated, or “the great patriotic war” as it is described in Russia. Traditional military parades with combat , air shows and marching bands are traditionally held in Moscow. But this year, the Russian army is mainly busy with the fighting , where Russia has suffered heavy losses. Hear how Russian President is now trying to justify the invasion of . said in a speech at the military parade that Russian forces are fighting in Ukraine to defend the “mother country” and put the blame for the war on the West and .

The history of Victory Day over the years

correspondents Russia also tell the story of Victory Day and how Vladimir Putin changed the tradition for his purposes and turned it into a display of military strength. This year’s celebration, however, was toned down compared to before and President Putin looked tired. Also hear what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj said when Ukraine held its memorial day after World War II on May 8. While Putin was speaking in front of a traditional military parade in the Russian capital, Zelensky wearing a T-shirt spoke in front of bombed-out ruins in Borodyanka. Both presidents linked what is happening today with history and World War II.

Participants: Maria Löfgren and Johanna MelénRussia correspondents

Host: Fredrik Wadström

Producer: Katja Magnusson

Technician: Behzad Mehrnoosh


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