STT: British Prime Minister Johnson will visit Finland and Sweden on Wednesday

The Johnson According to the news agency STT, he is expected to visit Finland on Wednesday, although no official confirmation has yet been given.

BTI added, citing sources, that Johnson plans to visit on the same trip.

The unexpected visits are likely to be related to the policy situation in Russia after the occupation of Ukraine in late February, and in particular to the possibility that the Nordic countries will apply for membership as both countries have a decisive week in the decision-making process.

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British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said last week it would be "incomprehensibly" that Britain will not defend Finland and Sweden if an attack is made on either country.

In a joint press conference with the Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen (Cen) In Helsinki last Wednesday, Wallace added that this would happen regardless of whether either country is a member of NATO or not.

STT also said last week that the , Germany and France have joined Britain and promised support to Finland as a possible NATO membership period, if needed.

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland (Green) did not confirm or dispute the BTI’s report on Johnson’s visit to the parliamentary debate on Thursday, but said many members of the alliance have said they understand the concerns of and Swedes about Russia’s reaction to joining NATO.

"The comments made by the British Minister of Defense, Wallace, during his visit to Finland show that the major NATO nations are very interested in moving the NATO membership process forward without major disruptions and are ready to play their part in ensuring that" Haavisto told STT last week.

Minister of Defense Kaikkonen also refused to confirm the validity of the BTI report on supporting the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom during the accession process.

"We have good partners, and of course they are of great value in these stormy times. Maybe we can talk about these things a little later," Kaikkonen said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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