The Finnish minister told CNN about NATO membership "extremely likely"

Finnish Minister for and Corporate Governance Tytti Tuppurainen (SDP), told CNN on Monday that is "extremely likely" apply for membership.

Speaking to the international news channel about Finland’s upcoming decision, he said that membership would be "a very natural answer" ’s invasion of . He also told that he hoped that if Finland decided to apply for NATO membership "the ratification process would be as short as possible."

"Of course, we would prefer a neighborhood based on friendship and cooperation. But Russia has moved away from the security order and Russia has started a war in Europe. Russia has attacked Ukraine. Now people see this new reality and it’s time to join NATO," Tuppurainen told CNN.

President is expected to announce its views on NATO membership this Thursday, and the prime minister (SDP) is expected to express its position at the SDP meeting on Saturday. At the meeting, the party will outline its position on NATO membership after Marin’s announcement.

Tuppurainen is the highest member of the SDP, a party traditionally cautious about NATO membership, which has publicly stated its support for joining the military alliance.

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Russia’s answer?

Russia has repeatedly threatened Finland if it decides to join NATO.

"The Kremlin does not dictate our decisions, [it would be] It is in Russia’s interest to behave as an adult in this situation," Tuppurainen emphasized to CNN.

Tuppurainen added that Russia and its president , have revealed their true selves in recent months.

"We have now seen what kind of country Russia is and what kind of government it has. Its leader is a ruthless dictator. We no longer have any illusions about what he is doing, and we now know that he can go to war that is as despicable, ruthless, and cruel as you can imagine." Tuppurainen told CNN.

Source: The Nordic Page

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