The patrol detects rare greed on the Finnish-Russian border

According to the agency, the border guards patrolled a rare wolverine on the Russian border in South on Tuesday.

The Southeast Finland reported the finding in a tweet, which also accompanied by a short video from a highly endangered .

The showed the wolf eagerly towards the border guards, after which the animal suddenly stopped and rushed away.

Wolverine it Gulo gulo Latin is known to be particularly strong despite its small size and is able to kill itself for much larger prey.

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However, due to practices, the number of species has declined since the 19th century. They are still found in the Nordic and in the far north of and North America.

In the spring of 2021, there were an estimated 400 wolverines in Finland, according to the Natural Resources Institute (Luke). The size of the Finnish wolverine population has increased tenfold since the early 1990s.

Communications Manager of the Southeast Finland Border Guard Enni Matikainen, said it is rare for police to collide with glutton while patrolling. of the police who spotted the animal on Tuesday had not met one in more than 30 years, he said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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