The Sámi Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner resigns, citing a lack of resources

Commissioner Miina Seurujärvi announced on that he was resigning from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

In his view, the Commission is not in a position to carry out the monumental task assigned to it.

"Everything is scarce, financial resources, . Commissioners also have little time and in-depth . This entity has not worked and will not work," explained Seurujärvi.

The TRC was launched six months ago to identify and assess historical and current against the Sámi. These include the state’s integration policy and violations of Sámi rights.

The task of the TRC was also to suggest how the connection between the Sámi and the Finnish state could be improved. According to the original plan, the Commission submitted a report on its findings by 30 November 2023.

According to Seurujärvi, the task of the TRC requires too much time and resources to help and support the Sámi properly, and he hopes that the TRC will take on a new form.

"I think that the Commission should be suspended now and that it should be rethought and redesigned so that its work can succeed." Seurujärvi told .

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“Ordinary Sámi must be the Commission’s priority”

The TRC has a total of five commissioners and Seurujärvi was the second of the commissioners appointed by the Sámi Parliament. Two members of the were appointed by the Finnish , two came from the Sámi Parliament and from the Skolt Sámi Village Assembly.

Seurujärvi believes that the purpose of the TRC is to help the Sámi.

"This is a Sámi process, so the Sámi must also take a stand on what they want and how to proceed," Seurujärvi said.

In his opinion, respect for the Sámi is lacking in the committee.

"Ordinary Sámi must be at the center of work and must be respected. I do not think this process has thought about what the system of truth and reconciliation is or looks like," Seurujärvi stated.

Source: The Nordic Page




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