Saimaannorpa live camera back in high demand

The Wildlife Conservation Group (WWF) re-launched its popularity Norppalive webcast for the seventh year in a row on Wednesday. The live broadcast, which attracts millions of viewers every year, broadcasts a live image of of the ringed seal’s favorite places.

The Wildlife Foundation hopes that direct images will not only raise awareness of one of the ’s most endangered and rarest seals, but will also bring viewers a sense of peace as a counterweight to the prevailing geopolitical situation.

"It brings a comfortable and peaceful feeling that makes you forget the storms looming over the world. It offers a nourishing viewing experience," says ’s photographer and fisherman Juha Taskinenwhich has been among the organizers of the Norppalive webcast.

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The location of the stone has not been determined to protect the species. Last year, the project ended early when mammals wanted to locate the camera.

This is the of year when the species drops its winter coat, a week-long process that is hard for seals that need to stay vigilant when trying to stay dry. Stressful events, such as a passing motorboat or an enthusiastic approach by photographers too close, can scare seals out and back into the .

WWF therefore requests that anyone wandering in the Saimaa Lake District avoid disturbing roasting mammals.

Since 2016, Norppalive has been viewed more than 21 million times.

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Source: The Nordic Page




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