Sweden strengthens defense ties with Great Britain ahead of the decision on NATO membership

Stockholm [Sweden]May 11 ( / Xinhua): Sweden strengthened its defense and security ties with Britain with a “declaration of political solidarity” on Wednesday, ahead of the country’s historic decision on its membership.

Sweden’s and her visiting British counterpart Johnson signed the declaration after discussing the security situation in Europe and bilateral relations.

According to the declaration, the two have agreed to “meet challenges in peace, crisis and conflict together.” “If any country is hit by a disaster or an attack, the and Sweden will, at the request of the affected country, help each other in a variety of ways, which may include means,” the declaration states.

“Today we are taking another step towards strengthening our bilateral defense and security cooperation,” Andersson said at Wednesday’s press conference.

The bilateral declaration “will allow us to share more intelligence, strengthen our military exercises and promote our joint development of technology,” Johnson said.

The Swedish ruling Social Democratic Party’s secretary Baudin recently said that the party would have an extra meeting on the country’s NATO membership decision on 15 May.

Several Swedish media have speculated that Sweden and Finland may submit their NATO applications jointly during the NATO summit to be held in Madrid between 28 and 30 June.

The United States, and other countries are currently courting Sweden and Finland to join NATO. However, Russia has repeatedly warned Sweden and Finland to join NATO, or face consequences. (ANI / Xinhua)

Source: sn.dk

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