APN podcast: All sections of NATO

"Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay" President Niinistö and the Sanna said in a joint statement on Thursday.

This week’s All Points North period will monitor Finland’s countdown to submitting a NATO application when the swears an answer to the Finnish leadership’s announcement.

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This week’s show also follows the country’s third culture. Senior in Silvia Padrón told APN about the challenges that children face in their local , which serves children in 20 different languages.

"There are 14 children in my children’s group and only one child is from a Finnish-speaking home," he explained.

The program also asks whether agencies treat self-employed workers in the platform differently from other entrepreneurs. In terms of , APN is looking forward to the upcoming World Hockey Finals in Helsinki and .

"Yes, I would put my money in Finland. They have been successful in international tournaments," Hockey expert based in the United States Bruce Berglund told APN.

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This week’s presentation was presented by Ronan Browne and Zena Iovino. The sound engineer was Anders Johansson.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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