HUS’s boss: Finland’s top death toll goes unnoticed

Insufficient information is provided on this year’s peak in deaths, Lasse LehtonenThe director of diagnostic services at University (HUS) told on Thursday.

An inaccurate picture of the country’s situation could lead to fewer people looking for third doses of , also called booster vaccines, Lehtonen said, noting that if corona deaths continue at the current rate, it would be “catastrophic”.

During the first five months of 2022, more Covid deaths were recorded in than in the whole of last year. According to the National Institute for and Welfare (), the country exceeded a total of 4,000 corona deaths last Thursday.

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This spring, the epidemic has caused as many as 200 deaths a week.

Lehtonen added that it is important to publish and discuss the latest pandemic figures "weekly" so that get an accurate picture of the current situation.

"It is not my intention to fear" Lehtonen said "but I think we have to tell it as it is."

Last week, there were 774 Covid patients in hospitals across the country, 21 of whom were in intensive care.

Source: The Nordic Page




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