Part 1/2 The forgotten syphilis children

Around the turn of the century, is a common and deadly but also shameful. Many children are infected in the womb and do not survive. They are abandoned due to their illness.

There are many brothels in at this . Women who are or are only suspected of being prostitutes are checked at the inspection . Every week they are to be put in the rocking chair and whoever refuses is picked up by the .

Mercury treatment for syphilis

Pregnant women and children infected with syphilis come to St Göran’s . There are more and more small patients in the children’s ward. Doctor Edvard Welander is starting to raise to be able to open his own hospital for syphilis-infected children. Here they will receive a long-term treatment with mercury. It has a bactericidal effect but can also be life-threatening for the patient. He calls the treatment home the Little Home and he does everything to stop the spread of and save the children.

The program is made in 2022.

Reporter: Cecilia Ohlén
Producers: Ola Hemström and Sofia Kottorp
Final mix: Olle Sjöström





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