Russia sees a “threat”, the allies offer support as Finland moves towards NATO

Russia would see Finland’s accession to as a threat, according to a spokesman, when the Finnish president and prime minister announced that they wanted the country to join NATO as soon as possible.

This was reported by the services Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call with the media that Russia considered Finland ‘s expected application to be a threatening transfer.

"Absolutely. NATO enlargement will not make our continent more stable and secure," said Peskov according to .

He refused to specify Russia’s likely response.

"It all depends on how this NATO enlargement process progresses, the extent to which military infrastructure moves closer to our borders."

Russia’s foreign ministry described Thursday’s statement as a "a radical change in foreign policy" By Finnish leaders. In a statement issued on its website, the Ministry stated that Finland should take into account the effects of this decision.

"Joining NATO will seriously Russia’s bilateral relations, stability and in Northern ." read the statement. "Russia is forced to take military technical and other countermeasures because of the threat to Russia’s national security."

NATO , for their part, have welcomed Finland’s decision with the Estonian Prime Minister be the first to tweet their reply.

“History is made by our northern neighbors,” Kallas said. "You can count on our full support. We support the fast accession process. On our part, we will take the necessary measures quickly."

Michael Roth, chairman of the German Parliament’s foreign policy committee, told Yle that Finland’s accession to NATO would increase security in Finland and Europe.

"From a historical perspective, it is ironic that Putin, who tried to weaken NATO, made it stronger and than ever." said Roth.

Source: The Nordic Page

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